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Interview Tips for H1b Candidates

Indian IT Professionals on H1b visa are highly preferred by US employers for both temporary assignments and full time employment. However the Candidates who are new have some trouble dealing with Interviews in the USA.

Interviews procedures in the US are somewhat different from what it is in India. Expectations, Requirements and even the Resume format that is followed in the US are completely different. As a result of such differences, Indian IT candidates find US job Interviews are quite hard.

Here is a list of Top Ten Job Interview tips for H1b IT candidates from India:

  1. Linguistic Skill: First things first, US employers are strict about Linguistic skills; most employers expect 10 out of 10 score in Spoken English Test. Generally Indian IT candidates are good in English; however some are not that good and might feel it hard to master US English as Britain English is what that is commonly followed in India.
  2. Last two employments: Generally US Employers expect relevant experience to the job offered, from the candidate’s last 2 employments. Even the resume format is different; Indians usually enter their work experience from top to bottom in the order of their work, while US resume format requires the most recent experience to be on top.
  3. Professional experience first: Unlike Indian Companies Us firms rarely give importance to the Employees personal life and stuffs. So avoid expressing to much about your personal life and explain more about your recent experience (that is relevant to the job). Time that is given to explain about you will be short so don’t waste it expressing your personal life.
  4. Attitude Test: This is quite important and an Attitude test is valued in Indian Companies as well, but in the US Attitude test is more than a part of interview as it is the most important criteria and requirement for jobs. US Employers prefer their candidates to be good in their attitude and be self-made and team player.
  5. Be active and quick: One of the most annoying things that a recruiter might face during a job Interview is painfully slow replies (answers) for the candidate. US employers expect their recruits to be active and quick in their response. Avoid getting struck while you speak and don’t hesitate while speaking, be frank & straight forward and finally, answer their questions boldly and in a professional manner.
  6. Update Technologies: Staying Up to date in Technology and trends of your field is very important, this is more so for the field of Information Technology. During interview most US employers will check whether a candidate is updating latest trends and technologies, so constantly updating is the key to improve your career.
  7. Know about the Company: This could prove quite advantageous during a Job Interview, visit the company’s website and know what they are doing and what is special about them. This surely helps as you can have an idea about the company and know what they require from their employees and prepare accordingly.
  8. Never Speak ill about the previous Employer: The common mistake that candidates do is speaking ill about their previous employer, this is not good so avoid it, instead tell them you are looking for Job change for career Improvement.
  9. Update your resume regularly: This is very basic but also very important, yet some candidates have outdated resumes that don’t even have their recent work experience and where they are working at present. Always update your resume this also increases the chances of Recruiters finding your resumes on job portals as most recruiters prefer the recently updated resumes. Some IT Consultancies offer free Resume writing, if you wish you can submit your resume to us at info{@} american-technology.net , one of their resume writers will call you and help you develop a killer resume. This service is applicable only for Candidates in USA and are IT Professionals.

10. Speak the truth: Always speak the truth, don’t hide anything or never give any fake profiles as this could lead to serious trouble. Most US employers do a “Background verification” of at least your last 2 work experience. If an Employer finds fake documents and profiles they could even take legal action for that, which would completely ruin your career. So speak the truth and be frank, if you miss this interview there is always another one where you will get a job.

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